Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

How to get started

Once you are ready to work with me, make sure you contact me well in advance of when you require the finished manuscript, as I schedule months in advance and available slots fill quickly.

Expect your full-length novel (about 90,000 words) to be in the editing process for approximately three to five weeks, depending on the services you want and my timeline of already scheduled work. Proofreading can be done quicker, but factor in a turnaround time of at least two weeks.

It is best to send an email to with your request or questions, as you will always have a copy of my response at your fingertips.

However, if you prefer the simplicity of online forms please complete the one below.

Please provide as much information about your novel or question. Include at a minimum genre, book synopsis, present/past tense, first/third person, number of words, and an approximate date you would like to have the edited manuscript returned.  Also include the service(s) you are looking for. For a full list please see Services and Rates.

I will endeavor to respond to your initial request within 24-48 hours with my availability and quote (or additional questions).


Once accepted, we will arrange a personal consultation via Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc., which allows us to discuss in-depth all your editing needs. This will also allow you to ask further questions and have a full understanding of what you will be receiving from us.

Submit Your Manuscript

Submitting your manuscript is the final step following our initial consultation, where you are happy with your optional sample edit, and we have agreed on the extent and price of the services you require.

Manuscript submission specifications

Manuscripts should comply with the below standards:

  • Please include a detailed synopsis with your manuscript, as it is less time-consuming if we are able to read a synopsis prior to and during the editing process. The synopsis should include names and details of characters along with any special spellings used and English used (e.g. American, Australian, Canadian).
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word © (.doc or .docx).  Please specify the version of MS Word ©
  • Use the center function in MS Word © to center text
  • Always use the Page Break option in MS Word ©. Do not use returns to get to the next page or the next chapter
  • All chapters are to be clearly marked

Optional: Request a Sample

I understand that finding an editor is a complicated process and that you want the very best match with an editor. As a service, I allow a sample edit of max 1000 words. You can request one using the form below. I’ll contact you so you can submit the file, and we will also discuss a timeline.

A sample edit is entirely free, and you won’t commit to anything by requesting one.

Please note that this option is only available for manuscripts over 5,000 words.

Cancellation Policy

The client has the right to cancel their booking, and refunds will be provided accordingly:

  • Bookings canceled ninety (90) days from the scheduled start date will receive a full refund of their deposit minus a 5% processing fee.
  • Bookings canceled between forty (40) and ninety (90) days from the scheduled start date will receive an 80% refund of their deposit, minus a 5% processing fee.
  • Bookings canceled thirty (30) days or less from the scheduled start date will receive a 50% refund of their deposit minus a 5% processing fee.
  • No charges apply if rescheduling the booking

Ready To Get Started?